There is a huge difference between the generally accepted image of someone who gives a foot massage as a gentle, relaxing, beauty type of therapy and that of a properly trained Therapeutic Reflexologist.

A foot massage, serves as a pamper or feel good service rather than a means to addressing health care and maintenance.

A Therapeutic Reflexologist understands the anatomy of the foot, Anatomy and Physiology of the human body along with Pathophysiology and is able to design a treatment protocol, authoritatively and professionally to activate the natural healing powers of the body.

The focus of the professionally trained Therapeutic Reflexologist is on promoting health care, relaxation as well as and balancing the body systems as the therapist works within the pain tolerance level of the client and Scope of Practice. The sessions are always holistic.

Specific finger and thumb pressure techniques enable the therapists to pick up congestion and imbalances through, for example, tightness, sensitivity, granular areas etc .

Imbalances in the health of the patient are identified by observing the colours of the feet and ails,texture, tone, moisture, shape of the feet, and markings.

Signs of emotional as well as physical wellness (or lack thereof) are observed, noted and addressed.



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