Learn Basic Reflexology

baby foot massage

A gentle loving touch can make a BIG difference to little ones!

Improve your infant or child’s wellbeing and development through learning to do basic reflexology on them.

Reflexology is an established health technique that can be used easily to help your child sleep better, relieve teething problems, prevent colic, improve bonding, balance the glandular system, promote the growth and maturation of the nervous system, boost the immune system, promote emotional stability in your child and promote health and happiness for you and your child!

Ideal for moms, dads and caregivers, Tara’s pratical hands-on course comprises 4 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each. Classes are limited to 6 people to ensure personalised attention. For only R 1 500 for the whole course, you will enjoy great benefits (and even save on medical expenses) by employing a technique that can be benefit children of any age, from baby to teenagers.

Tara did reflexology on my feet throughout my pregnancy. Now my daughter is 4 and I love being able to put her feet on my lap and gently stroke them using Tara’s techniques. Reflexology has made a big difference to her sleeping patterns, and overall she just seems healthier! I recommend this course for all mom’s and dad’s.” (Bianca v W, Randburg)

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